to festival pollution.
Join our camping revolution.

Eco-friendly festival living. Your pre-pitched, non-polluting, personalised tent – make your next festival greener and cleaner.

Make your next festival a green one.

We love festivals – the atmosphere, the music, the escapism. A place where everyone belongs and everyone is welcome. There’s nothing like the feeling of a huge crowd caught up in the moment.

There’s just one flaw – the morning after the night before. Every year, as the party fades and everyone heads back to reality, a sea of plastic pollution is left behind.

Warmer. Darker. Sturdier. Quieter. 100% recyclable.

The weather-resistant cardboard camping solution creating a sustainable statement.

Introducing EnviroTent

Introducing EnviroTent – our 100% recyclable cardboard tent that’s challenging the norms of plastic camping.

Warmer, darker and sturdier than a plastic tent, they’re quieter, too, creating the perfect haven to relax and re-energise in comfort. But do you know what makes EnviroTent even more fabulous?

Made of cost-effective and environmentally friendly cardboard

Fully recyclable, insulated and weather-resistant.

Pimp it – graffiti and decorate – completely personalised to suit your style.

Share it – our tents are big enough for two, because what is a festival without friends to party with?

And when it’s all over, you can walk away with a clear conscience. We collect and recycle every tent used.


Head to our Festival Booking page to reserve your spot. Your EnviroTent will be pre-pitched when you arrive.


What’s your style? Decorate and personalise your two-person tent – then head off to enjoy the music.

Be Green!

At the end of the festival, you have two choices. Take your EnviroTent home as a memento of a weekend well spent. Or just walk away. Your tent enters our closed-loop system, where it’s recycled and starts a new life as packaging.

Are you ready to join the camping revolution? Find out which festivals we’re at in 2024.