It’s our Mission to revolutionise camping

We want to revolutionise camping by providing 100% recyclable cardboard tents at festivals. Our aim is to challenge convention, embrace natural materials over plastics, and foster a sustainable camping culture. A way of camping that’s environmentally responsible, as well as warm, dry and comfortable.

And we want to do it in a way that’s fun and playful, too.

Join the EnviroTent community

We’re not just building a brand. We’re building a whole community that’s committed to innovation and creativity, and that celebrates the uniqueness in every one of us – the essence of festival life, in fact.

Our community was born from a simple yet revolutionary idea: to create an environmentally sustainable, 100% recyclable solution to the annual plastic pollution crisis that mars our otherwise amazing UK festival scene.

The EnviroTent goes beyond the recyclable label

Our tents are warmer, darker, sturdier and quieter than a plastic tent. And that’s not just down to the FSC-certified board. What sets our tents above the rest?

High-Performance Board

Unlike the cardboard in your typical delivery boxes, our tents are made from a high-performance board. This unique material boasts fewer surface holes, enhancing its water resistance. Yes, you read that right—our tents can brave heavy rainfall without the need for coatings that aren’t environmentally friendly.

No Coating, No Compromise

EnviroTent takes pride in being coating-free. Why? Because we’re committed to our objective of sustainability. Wax or plastic coatings aren’t recyclable, so if we added one to the board, we’d defeat our entire objective. This coating-free design doesn’t compromise performance; our tents endure harsh weather conditions, even surviving 4 weeks outside in the winter!

Closed-Loop Recycling

Our commitment to sustainability doesn’t end with the lifespan of your tent. We’ve embraced a closed-loop recycling system. After the festival, we collect the tents and recycle them into packaging used by other companies. This packaging is then recycled again and again. It’s a cycle that reduces the need to cut down trees for additional cardboard packaging, aligning with our ethos of responsible and resourceful living.

Values for us, values for Planet Earth

Sustainability is at the core of EnviroTent. Our founding reason was to help reduce the number of tents sent to landfill by replacing harsh plastics with cardboard, a more environmentally friendly material. We work with leading cardboard experts and ensure all cardboard we use is FSC certified, as well as maintaining a level of recycled cardboard in every tent. We value innovation and creativity and work hard to ensure our tent is as efficient and unique as possible.

How it all began

EnviroTent began as a team initiative for the Young Enterprise programme working within schools. Tayla, age 17, in her role of Managing Director, led her team to triumph in the UK finals and compete in the European finals. After the programme ended, Tayla chose to grow EnviroTent, transforming it into an innovative camping solution that challenges plastic tent convention and champions sustainability. The roots of EnviroTent are deeply embedded in the passion and determination of a young entrepreneur.

The EnviroTent Team


Our founder, Tayla, is the innovative spirit with a passion for the environment who first identified the need and created the concept of EnviroTent. A young entrepreneur, she is determined to make an impact for a greener festival experience.


John is the numbers wizard who makes EnviroTent count. As an entrepreneurial accountant, John is a passionate supporter of successful start-ups. But it’s not just about the numbers – he’s all about making EnviroTent thrive and keeping things fun along the way!


Steven is our jack-of-all-trades mentor and advisor. While his roots lie in the world of jewellery, Steven’s golden touch has helped countless business ventures – there isn’t much he hasn’t done! Bursting with enthusiasm and energy, Steven is the maestro of big ideas. With Steven on board, there’s no shortage of creativity and innovation.


Behind every business is a design genius and all-round cool mentor. Carsten is ours; a world-class designer, working with brands like Bentley and Galaxy, he’s the wizard behind our tents. Carsten doesn’t just make things look amazing; he’s also our guide, helping us think outside the cardboard box and create tents that are as unique as they come.

Are you ready to join the camping revolution? Find out which festivals we’re at in 2024.