About EnviroTent

Is it waterproof?

Just like your plastic fabrics, EnviroTent is water-resistant, not waterproof. That means you’ll stay for the weekend, but we wouldn’t suggest you take them on a trip to a rainforest.

How have you tested the weather proofing?

We’ve been to a few festivals in the recent and very wet summer. But is that really a challenge? We decided it wasn’t, and so we put two EnviroTents outdoors for 5 weeks over the winter – and we’re happy to confirm they survived and stayed dry inside.

Can I keep my EnviroTent to take home?

Campers are more than welcome to take their tents home! We’re excited that you want to keep it. Just remember that they are not that easy to transport due to their size, and we do ask you to be sure you can adequately recycle it once you’re done.

How many people can sleep in each tent?

Our tents are a standard 2-man tent size.

At the Festival

Can my friends bring their tent to camp next to us?

No. The EnviroTent field is for Enviro campers only.

Can I take my EnviroTent to pitch in a different field?

No. It’s a festival requirement that all EnviroTents remain in our allotted field. That also means we’re on hand to keep an eye on them and help out with any queries.

Does the EnviroTent field have toilets / showers / water?

We’ll always be close to facilities, but we won’t be able to confirm the details until we’re booked in, as every festival is unique.

Do I need to bring a BBQ?

We don’t allow BBQs in the EnviroTent field. Most festivals won’t allow them onsite at all, so please check before you bring anything.

Can I cook next to the cardboard tent?

We don’t allow campfires, BBQs or naked flames in the EnviroTent field. All cooking on a camping stove should take place at least 2 meters away from the tent.

Can my friends come back to visit my tent?

Of course, It’s not a festival without your friends. But we will ask them to follow the rules and respect the other campers.